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Designerdock is the most successful recruiting network for the communication industry in the German-speaking world. We’re perfectly situated with offices in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich.

Our 45 personnel managers handle roughly 300 new jobs each month. We’ve interviewed every one of our 40 000 candidates to be able to quickly and accurately place them in the right positions – as account managers, art directors, copywriters and in all other industry jobs. Our 3000 clients – local and international cross-media agencies, design offices, as well large and small companies – rely on our expertise to find them the right staff. Our strength: thorough knowledge of the industry and personal attention.


Regardless of whether you are looking for a permanent position or a vacancy: we want you to find the right one. Hundreds of positions are currently available, our specialized personnel consultants will advise you - free of charge - so that you can reach your dream job.



All of our personnel consultants know the communications industry from their own experience. We know what is important. No matter whether account managers, coders, art directors, copywriters, managing directors or assistants - we will find the right talents that will advance your company.

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185 Jobs in 23 Cities
116 Jobs in 17 Cities
13 Jobs in 2 Cities
43 Jobs in 11 Cities
85 Jobs in 15 Cities
200 Jobs in 23 Cities
12 Jobs in 5 Cities
155 Jobs in 19 Cities
49 Jobs in 16 Cities
132 Jobs in 16 Cities
188 Jobs in 17 Cities

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  • Berlin
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  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • München
  • Stuttgart
  • Wien
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    DESIGNERDOCK Berlin und Umgebung
    • Alexander Dewhirst
    • Esther Funk
    • Indra Sarkar
    • Karin Hoppmann
    • Kristin Louis
    • Laura Halbleib
    • Lisa Benischek
    • Torsten Haase
    DESIGNERDOCK Frankfurt und Umgebung
    • Alexander Haase
    • Lutz Augustin
    • Simona Hepp
    • Tina Goessl
    DESIGNERDOCK München und Umgebung
    • Barbara Graef
    • Jelena Imamovic
    • Nicola Tekin
    • Petra Graef
    DESIGNERDOCK Hamburg und Umgebung
    • Carolin Barthelmes
    • Mehibe Tuncel
    • Robert Mende
    DESIGNERDOCK Düsseldorf und Umgebung
    • Celia Strauss-Rex
    • Katja Dammann
    • Konstantina Blatsiou
    • Sonja Seidler
    • Thomas Zich
    DESIGNERDOCK Stuttgart und Umgebung
    • Linda Graze
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