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We have the contacts  

We work with more than 3.000 advertising and multimedia agencies, design studios as well as big and small companies. That makes us the most successful recruitment agency for the creative industries in the German-speaking world.

We're flexible

Whether you're after a full time or a freelance job, we'll help you find the right work. We're not a "Temp Agency", so you don't have to take on everything or anything we offer. And you can switch on and off your availability whenever it suits you. We're here to help, whenever you need it. 

We're with you all the way

Here's how it works:
1. Click on Apply now on the right.
2. We check your profile: if it looks like we can help, we invite you in for an interview. 
3. At your interview we develop the optimal profile for the market you're aiming for and discuss job options.
4. We present your profile to our clients – but only to the ones you've OK'd in advance.
5. You keep getting offers from us until you've found your dream job.

We're everywhere

With our offices in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich, we've got the turf covered.

Does it cost anything?

If we place you a PERMANENT position your new employer pays our fee – you pay nothing. If we find you FREELANCE work, you add a 10% fee to your hourly rate and only pay it to us once you are paid.

for a change?

Just apply. It's free and fast!

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    DESIGNERDOCK Berlin Region
    • Alexander Dewhirst
    • Esther Funk
    • Indra Sarkar
    • Karin Hoppmann
    • Kristin Louis
    • Laura Halbleib
    • Lisa Benischek
    • Torsten Haase
    DESIGNERDOCK Frankfurt und Umgebung
    • Alexander Haase
    • Lutz Augustin
    • Simona Hepp
    • Tina Goessl
    DESIGNERDOCK Munich Region
    • Barbara Graef
    • Mandy Scholze
    • Marina Mauerer
    • Petra Graef
    DESIGNERDOCK Hamburg Region
    • Carolin Barthelmes
    • Mehibe Tuncel
    • Robert Mende
    DESIGNERDOCK Dusseldorf Region
    • Celia Strauss-Rex
    • Katja Dammann
    • Konstantina Blatsiou
    • Sonja Seidler
    • Thomas Zich
    DESIGNERDOCK Stuttgart Region
    • Linda Graze
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