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Like many successful businesses, DESIGNERDOCK started out very small – in a living room, actually – and went through a few transformations before it became the industry institution it is today. 

When DESIGNERDOCK's Australian founder, Alexander Dewhirst, tired of teaching in the Design Faculty of the Technical University in Potsdam near Berlin, he began looking for an interesting alternative. Since he had managed to find most of his students positions in creative agencies in Berlin, he decided to turn his desire to connect people into a profession. DESIGNERDOCK was born! At first the plan was just to help a few gifted designers get freelance jobs – thus the company name. It soon grew, however, into a recruitment system covering all types of jobs and professions within the creative industries.

When clients from all over Germany started asking for local help, we couldn’t ignore the calling. We opened further offices successively in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, then Munich and finally Stuttgart. Zurich and Vienna soon followed and the German-language network was complete.

Working professionally with creative people and helping them find the perfect jobs for their chosen career paths is wonderfully satisfying work. Our staff – all of whom have had first-hand experience in the communications industry themselves – have a great time matching candidates with companies.

As the industry changes (when DESIGNERDOCK began in 1996, the online side of the industry was being born and mobile was undreamt of), so does our company. By reacting quickly to the needs of our clients, we have maintained our market position over the years and are proud to be number one in the German-speaking world.