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Candidate Agreement Dusseldorf

(hereinafter "Candidate") and DESIGNERDOCK Düsseldorf (B.i.D. Consulting GmbH) (hereinafter „DESIGNERDOCK“)


1. Preliminary remark

1.1. DESIGNERDOCK places candidates in companies for freelance or contract (“permanent”) positions with a client (hereinafter “Client") acquired by DESIGNERDOCK. For this purpose, the candidate is included in a pool and relevant job offers are suggested to him*her.


1.2. Placement in a permanent position is free of charge for the candidate.


2. Duration and commission fee in the case of a freelance work

2.1. If a candidate is placed in a FREELANCE position by DESIGNERDOCK, the candidate is required to pay a commission to DESIGNERDOCK.


2.2. The candidate pays a commission of 10% for the placement by DESIGNERDOCK for freelance work at a client suggested by DESIGNERDOCK. This sum is calculated on the net fee that the candidate receives from the client. This applies to any work the candidate does for a period of 18 months for the said client.


2.3. All services that the candidate provides for a client during the commission period are subject to commission.


2.4. The commission claim arises from the recruitment of a candidate for freelance work by DESIGNERDOCK. “Recruitment” means the establishment of written or oral contact between the client and the candidate, whereby Designerdock has at been at least one of the causes of the cooperation (hereinafter referred to as “Recruitment”). The recruitment activity of DESIGNERDOCK is considered to be a contributory factor if a contractual relationship is established between the candidate and the client within 24 months of the recruitment.


2.5. The candidate undertakes, unsolicited, to provide DESIGNERDOCK, within 7 days of issuing their invoice to the Client, with information about the net fee charged by him*her in order to enable DESIGNERDOCK to calculate its commission.


2.6. The commission is due and payable 14 days after receipt of payment of the fee paid by the client to the candidate, but not before receipt of the commission invoice from DESIGNERDOCK.


3. Other

3.1. The candidate agrees that DESIGNERDOCK may store, process or use personal data of the candidate insofar as this is necessary for recruitment.


3.2. If the candidate is interested in recruitment through another location in the DESIGNERDOCK network (listed at www.designerdock.com), the application documents will be made available to the respective location and their use is approved by the candidate.


3.3. This contract is subject to German law. The district court of Düsseldorf is responsible for all disputes arising from this contractual relationship.


3.4. Should any provision of this contract be or become ineffective, the validity of the rest of the contract remains unaffected.